What are facial fillers?

There are many types of filler made from different ingredients, but the main thing they all have in common is that they aim to fill lines and wrinkles and restore volume in your skin.

Are facial fillers different from facial injectables?

Facial fillers are a type of facial injectable; however the reverse is not true. Some facial injectables are muscle relaxants, that actually release tension from the muscle underneath a wrinkle, while facial fillers literally fill in a wrinkle using a synthetic or natural ingredient.

Fillers can also be permanent or temporary. A permanent filler can provide lasting results; but as the term suggests, this can mean living with a result…permanently. Or there are non-permanent fillers that can have durable, long-lasting results, but your body is able to metabolise it and eventually the results will fade.

Although facial fillers can be made of different ingredients, they all aim to produce a result that is seen instantly after the procedure. Furthermore, by injecting fillers into specific points on the face you can achieve effects similar to a facelift whilst avoiding invasive and expensive surgery.

A common type of facial filler is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) facial filler, such as Juvéderm®. HA fillers are natural fillers that are injected directly into the skin to reduce the signs of ageing and improve overall skin quality, by adding moisture back where it is needed. They also add volume, to either restore volume lost over time, or to provide a subtle enhancement, leaving you feeling confident.

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Your eyes

If you’re one of the many  women that worry about how ageing affects their eyes, why not take a look at a new solution?

Your eyes

Your cheeks

Cheeks are a highlight of our face, yet, unfortunately, with time they can start to change.1 It's time to give them a lift.

Your cheeks

Your lips

When you want your lips to do the talking, you need a treatment that goes a little deeper to give you fuller, more kissable lips.

Your lips

Your Face shape

Give yourself a holistic lift, through high cheekbones, a well-defined jawline and smoother skin. 1

Your face shape

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