A bright eyed look, that lasts up to a year

Juvéderm® Facial Fillers are specially formulated to replenish volume and smooth lines around the eye area. Using hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occuring chemical found in your skin, this treatment leaves you with beautiful, natural looking results that last for up to a year.

So why not find out more about what Juvéderm® can do for you.

  • Drooping eyebrows

    Why it can happen

    As we get older our skin loses volume. This affects your brow line. Over time it can appear to sag as the volume diminishes.

    What we can do

    The Juvéderm® range of Facial Fillers redefine facial contours by gently lifting the brow for a more open eye area and arched eyebrow. A subtle change, with a big difference.

  • Lines & wrinkles

    Why they happen

    As we get older repeat expressions like laughing, smiling or frowning can cause lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

    What we can do

    Our facial fillers combat both deep and fine lines, by filling them for a smooth, natural look. Our gentle formula is designed to revitalise the entire eye area for results you can really see.

  • Sunken under eyes

    Why it happens

    As we get older our face loses volume in our cheeks pulling the skin down. This can affect your under eye area, giving it a sunken, hollowed appearance.

    What we can do

    Our fillers treat the depressions under your eyes and replenish hyaluronic acid found naturally in your skin. This gives you a fresh, natural look that lasts.

  • Dark circles

    Why they can happen

    As we get older the skin around our eyes changes in thickness and elasticity, appearing to look 'hollow'. This can mean dark circles become more prominent, giving you a tired appearance.

    What we can do

    Our fillers use hyaluronic acid found naturally in your skin, to treat depressions under the eye area. This can help fill some of the hollowing and diminish dark circles.