After your treatment

After your treatment, you should be able to continue your day-to-day life without disruption.

Covering the basics

Make sure to follow the advice given to you by your practitioner, which may include a few recommendations.

Healing time varies, but any initial swelling or redness should subside within a few days. Your practitioner may ask that you avoid extended exposure to sun, saunas, UV rays and very cold temperatures.

And remember, if you are at all concerned about the extent, or duration of any swelling or bruising, ask your practitioner for specific advice.

How can I maintain my results?

Facial filler results generally last up to a 18 months, but there are variations between treatment areas and the product used.

Remember, Juvéderm® facial filler treatments are temporary so if you decide not to have a top-up then any remaining Hyaluronic Acid will be naturally absorbed into your skin without trace, and the effects will fade away.  

Should I keep a record of my treatments?

It’s always good to understand exactly what enhancements you’ve had. Why not use our handy Juvéderm® beauty passport to note down dates and types of treatment? This will allow you to stay on top of your appointments, what you had done on what date and record any other facial treatment you may have tried, so both you and your practitioner have the entire picture.  


About Juvéderm®

Each Juvéderm® facial filler serves its unique purpose. That is how they are used together to create your individual look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions women have about facial fillers.