Considering a consultation?

It's perfectly natural to have questions before booking a consultation. Facial fillers are a new treatment option for you, so you may not know what to expect.

It starts with
a conversation

If you've been wondering about treatment, it is possible to speak with an expert one-to-one for an in depth discussion or if you prefer, there are informal open evenings, which allow you to ask and gather information by speaking with women who are considering facial fillers, as well as women who have had the treatment themselves. Whatever your preference, make sure to choose an environment where you feel most comfortable getting the information you need.

How to choose the right environment to learn more:

- Would I prefer an open evening or a one-to-one consultation? 

- Would I prefer a male or a female physician?

- After reviewing a website for a preferred clinic, do I like the examples of the before and after pictures? What other examples do I want to see?

Now that you’ve decided on a physician, some questions to get you started:

- What results from treatment am I after?

- Is there any specific information that I need to know about the treatment or product?

What should you expect from your first consultation?:

You may be focused on one particular area of your face, or you may just want to know more in general. Either way, your physician will take the time to evaluate your face to come up with a personalised treatment plan. 

The consultation may start with them discussing your specific area of interest. Don't be too surprised if they take a couple of photos to use as tools to point our your unique face structure and how a facial filler can be used for you. In addition, they may show you some pictures of other patients (or you can ask to see some!) to get a better idea of real life results. 

If you decide you want the procedure, your physician will come up with a tailored treatment plan just for you. They will walk you through the procedure to get the results you want, and if you are feeling ready, they may even give you your first treatment or will make sure you are booked in for the appropriate appointments. 

Find clinics with open evenings

If you've been wondering about facial fillers, why not attend an open evening to learn more? Start the conversation about facial fillers.

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Before your treatment

As you approach treatment, you may be wondering what to expect. Prepare yourself with a quick recap of what your treatment day might look like.

Pamela, 59

I arrived full of questions and left full of confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions women have about facial fillers.

Find a Physician

If you've been wondering about facial fillers, the only way to know if they are right for you is to have a conversation with an expert. Remember, a consultation doesn't mean commitment; it’s just the first step to learn more.

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