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We’ve all imagined how great it would be to have fuller, more defined lips. Full lips with a defined border are a feature of youthful attractiveness.

How your lips change over time

78 %

of women want a more natural look, but who says that fuller lips have to look fake?

Some lipsticks or lip glosses have a temporary plumping effect, but when you want gorgeously defined lips all day long, you need a solution that doesn’t wash off. With just a bit more volume added, it is possible to enhance the lips you were given without making them look unnatural. 

Both your environment and the natural ageing process change the appearance of your face over time. So what happens to our lips?

Where did the volume go?

Our facial bone structure actually changes over time. The bone that supports your lips (for those curious, the technical word is your maxillae) gets reabsorbed into the body, without its support, your upper lip may appear thinner and flatter.

Appearance of lines and wrinkles

Our skin loses Hyaluronic Acid (HA) over time, which means that we lose some of that youthful elasticity. We smile a lot, and the repetition of smiling starts to show with marionette lines; the little lines on the sides of your lips.

How can Juvéderm® help?

Getting lips you’ll love is achievable. Juvéderm® facial fillers can not only smooth wrinkles around the mouth, they can also make them fuller, more symmetrical, and more noticeable. Filling your marionette lines gives a smoother look. Filling bar lines around your mouth gives a younger appearance. By adding volume in the right areas, Juvéderm® can deliver the enhancement you want.


Hannah, 35

Read my lips: Fuller doesn't mean looking fake!

What are facial fillers?

Facial fillers are a minimally invasive treatment that revitalise your face by filling the lines and wrinkles to restore volume lost in the skin.